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    Social Media Management

    "Thanks JM, You rock! I can't imagine what I would be doing right now without you." - Rebecca McKee

    Xtremely Alaska Adventure Guide Services

    Social media management for Anchorage based non-profits, campaigns and events.

    The way your customers are using the internet has changed. Gone are the days when a website could be your only online presence. Your Social Media is now as important as having a website.

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are all powerful tools with their own advantages and pitfalls. Careful planning and attention to detail can maximize your social media presence. Simply creating a Page and letting it attract attention won't work. Someone needs to be actively posting and monitoring the page for content, flaming and effectiveness. We offer three levels of service from the most basic campaign setup to complete campaign management.

    Facebook Ad Campaigns

    You don't need to have a Facebook Page (although it really helps) to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your site and then to your business. Facebook Ads aren't just a new place to waste money - call to find out how I can help you learn the new advertising paradigm and make it work for you.

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