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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your website needs to work for your customers.

    transformations interiors

    "You 'nailed' it!"

    ~S.Allen, Transformations Interiors


    Is your website making money or costing you big bucks?  


    Time is money, learn more about what you can expect from JoMarie and Crucible Designs


    We could just throw stuff on your site and see what happens or we can work together and plan ahead!

    Cool Stuff

    Todays' sites have a lot of opportunities to effectively reach your audience or you can add gizmos just for fun.  Which do you think works better?

    "Just looked at your site. Clean, simple. Code looks clean and good. I like. :o)" - P


    Q. How much will my website cost?

    Before I begin any project I do a thorough evaluation of what your website needs.  With your input and my expertise we'll come up with a plan and scope of project for your approval.  You will recieve a proposal with a firm quote for the design and development of your website.

    Each website has unique needs and prices do vary.  For an overview of my pricing structure see "Website Design & Development" Services.

    Q. What other costs are waiting to surprise me?

    Your site needs a domain name ($15/year) and hosting services ($12.95/month to $40/month)

    Some sites will need additional software or services such as a payment processor or reservation system. Possible costs will be professional photography, licensing, paid submissions to search engines.

    Your original proposal will include these costs before you agree to the project.  There are no hidden costs at Crucible Designs.

    Q. What is website hosting and why do I have to pay for it?

    Your website is, at it's core, just a bunch of data files.  That data needs to be on a computer that is specially configured to serve the data to the internet.  The web host provides that service.  Your office servers are unlikely to have the software and connections necessary to be a reliable web host.  We provide hosting services starting at $12.95/month.


    "Right On Jomarie! EXACTLY as I was thinking." ~ J.Feely

    Q. How long will it take?

    Many basic websites are completed and launched 14 days from the beginning of the project.  Advanced sites will require more time.  Turn around time often depends on your ability to put the content together.  Your proposal will include a start date, rough draft deadline and anticipated launch date.

    If your project is delayed because your content is delayed the projected deadlines may not be viable.  Let me know as early as possible so we can adjust the schedule for your needs.

    Q. When can I expect results from my website?

    Your website needs traffic to generate results. It takes between 6 weeks to 6 months to get listed in the search engines that accept free listings. Pay per inclusion search engines list your site (ad) within days. Proper promotion includes press releases and inclusion of your web address on all print materials.

    Q. How often should my website be updated?

    It's a simple fact that the search engines like to see updated content on a website.  At a minimum, you should review your content on an annual basis.  At best you should have some content that can be refreshed on a daily basis (tip of the day, blog posts, daily specials). We can often build in site updates to minimize your time investment.

    Q. Do you offer short term social media campaigns?

    We can assist in your social media campaign on a consultant basis at $75/hour. Our social media packages recommend a three month contract to ensure your campaign actually works. Social campaigns rarely have immediate results because it takes time to create the community that will be of value.


    We make it easy to keep your website up-to-date

    "I just started to update my site, but I've gotta tell you, I've never seen a better user interface... " ~ Bill Thomson, TTG

    Q. Can I maintain the site myself?

    Most of our sites include a content manager that allows you to add, edit and delete content whenever you need. This CMS tool requires being hosted on our servers. If you choose another hosting company, the CMS tool may not be available.

    Q. Will you work with our graphic designer to create the site?

    Yes.  We've worked successfully with In-house graphic design teams to create great websites.  We'll talk to your designer and discuss proper files, formats and specs to make sure your site looks great and works great.

    Q. Where do you come up with the content for my site?

    Before we begin working on the design and layout, we'll sit down and identify exactly what your website needs to do and who it needs to reach.  Once we've identified your market, we'll adapt your existing material and with your experience develop material that will accomplish your website's goals.

    Q. What do you mean my photos aren't good enough?

    The internet is a visual media and what your visitor sees is critical to it's success. We often recommend building a smaller site if your budget won't allow for both quality photos and a large site. Sometimes, the snapshots you take with your cell phone will be good enough but that isn't the norm.  Products have to be attractive and exciting, location shots should be high quality and inviting. 

    Q. So what about stock photography?

    Sometimes, but user studies consistently show that web visitors ignore stock shots - especially if they are used on many websites.  It's better to use real images taken from real life than some generic photo of people and places that aren't relevant.

    Cool Stuff

    Interactive features grab attention and get results.

    Interactive features for your website

    "Hiring JoMarie was the best decision I could have ever made ... She's the best." ~ Camille Conte

    Q. Can I add my videos and commercials to my website?

    Easy Peasy!  Videos have great engagement factors so if you've got quality videos, we encourage that you integrate it into your website.  Sometimes we will embed the video from YouTube or use other services to maximize the viral potential.  It's important to remember that the average user will only watch a video for 2 1/2 minutes on a desktop or up to 5 minutes on a mobile device. 

    Q. Will you build an e-commerce site? 

    Of course.  We have several different options for integrating a store front into your website and can build a custom shopping cart if your business doesn't fit into ordinary software packages.

    Q. Will you build a Flash website?

    No.  We specialize in visitor friendly, search engine optimized websites. Flash sites are neither. A handful of educational or game related sites are suitable for Flash sites.  If Flash technology is appropriate for your website we'll let you know and make recommendations for other design companies.


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